Finding Your Next Product Manager

An insider’s perspective

So you’re looking for a new Product Manager, lucky you. You probably already know that unlike other positions, PM is a very sensitive role. It interacts with many stakeholders such as marketing, r&d, management, support and more. It mobilizes entire teams and has strategic impact which can make or break your business. Scared? You should be!

Hiring the right PM is one of the biggest challenges a company faces, and one that at times is very hard to measure, until it is too late. So here are a few tips on how to make a better decision.

Tip #1: Question Yourself

Tip #2: It’s A Team Effort

Tip #3: Sell It

Tip #4: Time Is Of The Essence

Tip #5: Validate

Tip #6: Interview, Don’t Sell

Tip #7: Ask Well

Tip #8: Put It To The Test

Tip #9: It’s Never Over

As long as you keep in mind the major impact (good or bad) your decision will have, you should be OK, but you can also do great.

A Product Manager, Biz Dev Director and Mentor, working with early stage startups, helping them to focus and scale.

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