Or, how to build your company for scale

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Or, how to find the focus that drives your startup

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Case 1: No focus

You can see it in…

Don't fear the Pivot

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  1. Doubt always finds…

And why doing what you don’t want to do, is the best thing to do

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How to become really successful (According to Warren Buffett)

A gift wrapped package, handed out to you, by a delivery person.
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How to successfully pilot your products and avoid wasting time, money and leads

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Why Pilot?

Considering the Why is always good for you. Ask yourself “why should I pilot my product?” and closely examine your reply. There can be countless answers to that, but only a few are valid. …

How proving yourself wrong is the first thing to do

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Tips and Tricks to help you LOSE your way to Product/Market Fit

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Tip #1: It’s All About The Product

Forget Market. All it takes is one great idea. Forget pains or needs of the market, who cares? Validating your…

Or, how I get things done with room for a nap

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A Self Analysis Session

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Adi Shmorak

A Product Manager, Biz Dev Director and Mentor, working with early stage startups, helping them to focus and scale.

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