Or, how to build your company for scale

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How is your company structured?

I assume there are departments like sales, marketing, product, dev, and such. There are most likely KPIs for each department, right? And a VP or Head of… Ever wondered why is that so? What’s the value in it? Well, like many things, the cause is rooted in the past. This is how corporate America modeled modern businesses. Some people are good at sales or marketing, others are more technicals and fit development roles, and others, well they are good at giving orders. This does not just feel like old fashioned thinking, it actually is. Marketing…

Don't fear the Pivot

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It’s COVID-19 time and the world has gone mad. Lockdown is everywhere and everyone is thinking “exit strategy”, and not in a good way. While these are challenging times for many, some are seeing a challenge as an opportunity. Those are entrepreneurs, problem solvers who like heading into brick walls and coming out on the other side. Metaphorically speaking, in most cases.

Pivots are something entrepreneurs do all the time.

It’s not something you do when you fail, but what you do to succeed.

But changing things around can be scary, and for a few good reasons:

  1. Doubt always finds…

And why doing what you don’t want to do, is the best thing to do

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I recently stumbled upon a Warren Buffett quote that basically says really successful people say no to almost anything. Here it is again for those who missed it:

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

Warren Buffett

That made me think (and write an article about).

I can get it. It makes sense but in many cases, it goes against your instincts. After all, if opportunity knocks, can you let it keep on knocking? Really?

It can drive a person crazy…

So I thought about it some more…

How to become really successful (According to Warren Buffett)

A gift wrapped package, handed out to you, by a delivery person.
A gift wrapped package, handed out to you, by a delivery person.
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In my previous story I quoted Warren Buffett explaining the importance of saying no. While this is indeed true, it is rarely easy, especially when you’re an early-stage startup. If your P/MF is not solid and your targeting is not laser-focused, opportunities are, more often than not, distractions in disguise, unveiling their mask is how you learn to say no. It’s actually very simple but requires some attention and a bit of reframing. Here is a simple example:

A colleague is asking you out on a date. You like him/her and your first emotion is positive, but then you remember…

How to successfully pilot your products and avoid wasting time, money and leads

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So, you have a shiny new product, or maybe just a squeaky MVP nonetheless, it is time to take it out for a spin. Doing a pilot with real live customers is not a game of chance but a well-thought-out business tactic. In this story, I will cover everything (almost) you need to consider before, during and after the pilot.

Why Pilot?

Considering the Why is always good for you. Ask yourself “why should I pilot my product?” and closely examine your reply. There can be countless answers to that, but only a few are valid. …

How proving yourself wrong is the first thing to do

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The entrepreneurial mindset is a topic much discussed (not here though so don’t worry) but Product/Market Fit mindset, while the concern of many other stakeholders, is not discussed much (until now). P/MF has many stakeholders, be it investors, product managers, CEOs and more. Since P/MF is so critical to the success of a company, finding it requires a shared mindset, between all stakeholders.

Imagine you are in a board meeting, discussing road map or product strategy. The product is not creating significant revenue (yet) and the product manager says “we have no P/MF”. He then presents an idea for a…

Tips and Tricks to help you LOSE your way to Product/Market Fit

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I’ve recently started mentoring startup companies participating in MassChallenge JLM. While this is an amazing experience providing me with the chance to meet exciting new startups, it is also an important reminder as to how critical, yet elusive, Product/Market fit is. Helping startup companies get on track to finding their P/MF has also provided me with some insights as to where many fail, and why.

Here are my tips on how to get your P/MF wrong , follow closely :-).

Tip #1: It’s All About The Product

Forget Market. All it takes is one great idea. Forget pains or needs of the market, who cares? Validating your…

Or, how I get things done with room for a nap

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So many people ask me how I manage my tasks on a daily basis. I don’t give them an answer as that would be unproductive of me, instead of sending them to hell I can now send them to this story.

To start with, productivity is a state of mind, a way of life. If you’re not concerned about how you invest your time, you’re probably too young to understand life is short. how short? You probably have around 3,500–4,000 weekends during your entire lifetime. Scratching those you spent with your parents and those you’ll spend at the retirement home…

A Self Analysis Session

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I‘m a fan of Pareto! And I know for a fact you are as well (saw you at the Pareto-Con last year). You shouldn’t feel embarrassed though, everyone is a fan. Pareto is the perfect excuse to call it a day whenever the job is 80% done. Its appeal is almost addicting, which brought up the question: “Is Pareto a superhero or a villain?”. Being a fan is no contradiction, on the contrary. I like Batman, but I like the Joker just the same. Bad doesn’t necessarily mean not good, so what is the deal?

Pareto is actually more similar…

A Deconstructive Approach to Road Mapping

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March is almost over and I’ve yet to present my road map for 2019. It’s not that I don’t have it, or that my dog ate it. Nothing like that. In my head it’s all crystal clear. It’s anywhere else that it’s fuzzy. Like on my Trello board or on Jira Portfolio. Trying to find the best way to communicate it made me think…

Since I was a small child, I enjoyed breaking things apart, so here is my deconstruction of a product road mapping. …

Adi Shmorak

A Product Manager, Biz Dev Director and Mentor, working with early stage startups, helping them to focus and scale.

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